Promotion of Early Career Researchers Career Steps


A course of postdoctoral study at the University of Bern may be undertaken within the framework of positions offered by the university or by obtaining a grant. The university has positions where the job description contains a large amount of teaching and administrative duties and which run for several years, and there also postdoctoral courses financed by external funding which mainly involve research work. However, from August 1, 2019 onwards, all new postdoctoral researchers must use at least half of a full-time workload to pursue their own academic qualifications (protected research time). Detailed information can be found on the websites uniintern.

There are large agencies involved in the promotion of studies, both domestically and abroad, which award grants on a competitive basis. These may envisage just a short period of promotion or one that lasts several years. They may also require the person to relocate elsewhere, offer options to return to the home institution or even facilitate research projects lasting several years – once the necessary qualifications have been obtained – and guaranteeing the project managers a very high level of academic independence.