Projects and Publications EU Projects at the University of Bern

Uni Bern researchers participate in around 85 EU projects

The EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation are the second-most important third-party funder for researchers at the University of Bern, after the Swiss National Science Foundation. The University currently participates in 20 Societal Challenges and 5 Industrial Leadership collaborative projects, 23 European Research Council Grants, 24 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, 2 Future and Emerging Technologies and 1 Research Infrastructures project, and 1 Euratom European Joint Programme.

List of EU projects (status 30.06.2020) (PDF, 150KB)

Projects coordinated by the University of Bern

Project title: Multiphoton coincidence camera with high temporal resolution
Coordinator: André Stefanov (Institute of Applied Physics)

Synergy Grants

Project title: Exploring the dynamics and causes of prehistoric land use change in the cradle of European farming
PIs: Albert Hafner (Institute of Archaeological Sciences), Willy Tinner (Institute of Plant Sciences)

Advanced Grants

Project title: Development of Healthy Host Microbial Mutualism in Early Life
PI: Andrew Macpherson (Department of Visceral Surgery and Medicine)

Project title: Targeting the essentialome of radiotherapy-resistant cancer
PI: Sven Rottenberg (Institute of Animal Pathology)

Project title: Chemical Space for Antimicrobials on a Peptide Basis
PI: Jean-Louis Reymond (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Project title: A Palaeoreanalysis To Understand Decadal Climate Variability
PI: Stefan Brönnimann (Institute of Geography)

Project title: Deciphering the greenhouse gas record in deepest ice using continuous sublimation extraction / laser spectrometry
PI: Hubertus Fischer (Physics Institute)

Project title: Reconstruction of Pollinator-Mediated Speciation by Identification and Substitution of Causative Mutations
PI: Cris Kuhlemeier (Institute of Plant Sciences)

Consolidator Grants

Project title: Global Horizons in Pre-Modern Art
PI: Beate Fricke (Institute of Art History)

Project title: All-optical deconstruction of thalamic control of sleep-wake states
PI: Antoine Adamantidis (Department of Neurology)

Project title: Connectivity Correlate of Molecular Pathology in Neurodegeneration
PI: Smita Saxena (Department of Neurology)

Project title: Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of cardiac regenerative capacity in the zebrafish
PI: Nadia Mercader (Institute of Anatomy)

Project title: Dissection of a cortical microcircuit for the processing of pain affect
PI: Thomas Nevian (Department of Physiology)

Project title: Mechanisms of RNA-guided genome editing in eukaryotes
PI: Mariusz Nowacki (Institute of Cell Biology)

Project title: Synthetic viability of homologous recombination-deficient cancers
PI: Sven Rottenberg (Institute of Animal Pathology)

Project title: Indigenous Communities, Land Use and Tropical Deforestation
PI: Graziano Ceddia (Centre for Development and Environment)

Project title: The Climates and Habitability of Small Exoplanets Around Red Stars
PI: Kevin Heng (Center for Space and Habitability)

Project title: Stable Chromium Isotopes as a Productivity Tracer
PI: Samuel Jaccard (Institute of Geological Sciences)

Project title: Unifying the three pillars of Geodesy using space ties
PI: Adrian Jäggi (Astronomical Institute)

Project title: Timing of Holocene volcanic eruptions and their radiative aerosol forcing
PI: Michael Sigl (Physics Institute)

Starting Grants

Project title: Neuronal circuits for emotions in the ventral CA1 hippocampus
PI: Stéphane Ciocchi (Department of Physiology)

Project title: Organic Semiconductors Interfaced with Biological Environments
PI: Natalie Banerji (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Project title: Perception of Plant Volatiles
PI: Matthias Erb (Institute of Plant Sciences)

Project title: Prograde metamorphism modeling: a new petrochronological and computing framework
Coordinator: Pierre Lanari (Institute of Geological Sciences)

Project title: Algorithmic Hexahedral Mesh Generation
Coordinator: David Bommes (Institute of Computer Science)

Project title: Unique Method for a Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Search using a Pulsed Beam
PI: Florian Piegsa (Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics)

Individual Fellowships (postdoc stipends)

The University of Bern hosts many Marie Curie Fellows. They can be found in the list of all EU projects above.