Projects and Publications EU Projects at the University of Bern

University of Bern researchers participate in around 78 EU projects

In 2019, the University of Bern participated in approx. 160 proposals for Horizon 2020 projects and so far 24 of them have been awarded:
12 collaborative projects, 2 European Research Council Grants and 10 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (2 Innovative Training Networks, 2 Research and Innovation Staff Exchange and 6 Individual Fellowships).

List of running EU projects (status 31 December 2019) (PDF, 136KB)



The following current projects are coordinated by the University of Bern.

Horizon 2020

Corodinator: Nicolas Rodondi (Department of General Internal Medicine)
Corodinator: Stefanov André (Institute of Applied Physics)

Synergy Grants

cPI: Albert Hafner (Institute of Archaeological Sciences)
PI: Willy Tinner (Institute of Plant Sciences)

Advanced Grants

PI: Hubertus Fischer (Physics Institute)
PI: Andrew Macpherson (Department of Visceral Surgery and Medicine)
PI: Stefan Brönnimann (Geographisches Institut)
PI: Cris Kuhlemeier (Institute of Plant Sciences)

Consolidator Grants

PI: Smita Saxena (Department of Neurology)
PI: Thomas Nevian (Department of Physiology)
PI: Kevin Heng (Center for Space and Habitability)
PI: Mariusz Nowacki (Institute of Cell Biology)
PI: Beate Fricke (Institute of Art History)
PI: Graziano Ceddia (Centre for Development and Environment)
PI: Antoine Adamantidis (Department of Neurology)
PI: Samuel Jaccard (Institute of Geological Sciences)
PI: Adrian Jäggi (Astronomical Institute)
PI: Sven Rottenberg (Institute of Animal Pathology)
PI: Michael Sigl (Physics Institute)
PI: Nadia Mercader (Institute of Anatomy)

Starting Grants

PI: Florian Piegsa (Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics)
PI: Natalie Banerji (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
PI: Matthias Erb (Institute of Plant Sciences)
PI: Matthias Erb (Institute of Plant Sciences)
PI: Stéphane Ciocchi (Department of Physiology)
PI: Nadia Mercader Huber (Institute of Anatomy)

European Training Networks

(PhD networks)

Coordinator: Britta Engelhardt (Theodor Kocher Institute)

Individual Fellowships

(postdoc stipends)

The University of Bern hosts many Marie Curie Fellows. They can be found in the list of all EU projects above. For further information, contact the Grants Office.