Good Scientific Practice Quality in research

Research evaluation

According to Art. 30, para. 1a of the HFKG, the University of Bern has a quality assurance system that guarantees the quality of research and executes evaluations according to national and international criteria. The requirements of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) as well as the specifications of the university's evaluation regulations are taken into account.

With the evaluation of research, the University of Bern wants to achieve transparency in the services provided, develop decision-making aids for medium and long-term planning and use the results for quality improvement and advancement in research. It is important that research evaluations are carry out within the framework of a carefully supported concept and follow the principles of good evaluation practice, especially with regard to usefulness and the use of resources.

In addition to publication output (and possible bibliometric findings, taking into account the consideration of the DORA Declaration), the Vice-Rectorate Research of the University of Bern systematically collects data on third-party funding, promotion of young researchers, knowledge transfer and cooperations/networks and makes the information available to the units in the form of quantitative information for self-reflection and monitoring. This information also serves as a basis for the faculties and can be the subject of strategy discussions. Furthermore, they are integrated as information into the procedure of appointment and serve there, in addition to the strategic considerations and the peer evaluation, as a basis for discussion and decision-making.

In addition, the research performance of the units is regularly evaluated by external peers. The focus here is on determining the position, the question of the profile and development opportunities, the evaluation of current structures and the assessment of research activities and results.

Questions regarding faculty-specific research evaluation and the internal organisation of data collection should be addressed to the Q-Beauftragten or Q-Assistierenden of the faculties.