Good Scientific Practice Ethics

Research involving animals

The respectful, competent and responsible treatment of animals is one of the maxims of ethical conduct and a prerequisite for meaningful research involving animals. As a member of swissuniversities, the University of Bern therefore demands and promotes compliance with the conventions and principles defined by swissuniversities.

You can find on a specific website of the University of Bern comprehensive information (only in German) on a range of topics related to animal experiments and laboratory animals.

Furthermore, the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) runs a web portal on animal experiments to provide a basis for a dialogue on the subject: Animal experimentation

The Ethics Committee for Animal Experimentation (ECAE) of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences has developed a guide "Animal Testing Applications" for applicants. The Guide is published in three languages (d / e / f) and available for download as a PDF file.