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Exemption options

Certain people can request exemption from mandatory insurance if they already have equivalent insurance cover (e.g. international student insurance such as SwissCare or similar). These people include undergraduates and doctoral students ("persons in basic/continuing education"), employees posted abroad or cross-border commuters (non-exhaustive list!). 

Applications for exemption from mandatory insurance must be submitted to the relevant cantonal authorities. In the canton of Bern, the Office for Social Insurance is responsible for this. The application for exemption should be submitted soon (approx. 3 months) after arrival.

In the event of a positive response to the application for exemption, the Office for Social Insurance sets a deadline for the duration of the exemption and for a renewed application. Compliance with this deadline is absolutely essential!

Each canton is responsible for decisions concerning applications for exemption. If a person moves to a different canton, a new application must be submitted to the relevant local authorities.

Please read carefully the below listed information sheets. Here you will find the criteria and requirements for application for exemption from Swiss health insurance. 

Important information (including special conditions for EU/EFTA citizens) and forms