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Swiss education system

The Swiss education system is governed at the cantonal level. The differences lie in the details, such as the teaching language, the order of foreign languages or the holiday regulations. The website of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education offers a good introduction to the complex Swiss education system: Swiss education system

In the canton of Bern, mandatory schooling lasts 11 years beginning with kindergarten (2 years), followed by primary school (6 years) and secondary level I (3 years). Depending on the municipality, there may also be some differences in the cantonal education system. The Department of Education of the Canton of Bern provides very clear and detailed information about the school system in Bern and the particularities of the individual levels of education. (website in German and French)

Also very helpful for the German-speaking part of the canton (to which the city of Bern and surroundings belongs) is the "Primary school in the canton of Bern" brochure available in 17 languages, as well as the chart relating to the education system in the canton of Bern.