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School in Bern

Entering kindergarten and registering for school

Children who have completed their fourth year by July 31 attend kindergarten from August. Registration opens in November of the previous year.—Families who move to Bern should register directly with the education authority of the city of Bern.

The Bernese school system

The city of Bern is divided into 6 school districts each containing 3-4 schools. All schools have complementary daycare structures for children who cannot return home immediately after classes.

The education authority assigns families to the school closest to their place of residence. Ultimately, the place of residence determines where a child goes to school.

The education authority of the city of Bern has produced four videos in 10 languages for the phase beginning the entry to kindergarten and ending with the senior year and a career choice.

Parental information concerning the Bernese school system

Non-German-speaking children and their integration into school

Can your child not yet speak German but must already go to school? Schoolchildren are gradually integrated into regular classes by means of an intensive language course. These courses are held in three fixed locations in the city of Bern. The education authority also assigns the children to these language courses.

Intensive courses for non-German-speaking children (in German/ French)

Foreign-language and international schools



Courses in your native language and culture

Many families are multilingual and it is rewarding for the children if they can acquire reading and writing skills in their relevant maternal or paternal language. In addition to regular lessons, the canton of Bern also provides courses for native languages and cultures. (Website in German and French.)