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Child care

Extra-family child care

Day care facilities in the city of Bern

In the city of Bern, child care facilities are available in public and private daycare centers for infants from the age of 3 months up to the start of school as well as for schoolchildren. Their website is in German only: Child Care.

In January 2014, a system of "care vouchers" was introduced in numerous daycare centers in the city of Bern, meaning that the city supports parents in covering child care costs. A prerequisite for a care voucher is the promise of a place in a daycare center that participates in the voucher system.


Daycare center at the University of Bern

While the daycare center at the University of Bern (KIHOB foundation) is not affiliated to the care voucher system, it is intended solely for the children of employees of the University of Bern and the Teacher's college. The care costs are income-dependent and flexible times can be agreed from one semester to the next.

The KIHOB now also provides child care during conferences or evening meetings (pilot scheme 2015).

In addition to the KIHOB German-language website, the Welcome Center will be happy to send you an English-language information note.

Daycare parents

Daycare parents provide an alternative to day care centers. Daycare parents care for children in a family environment at home for at least 35 hours a month. "LeoLea/daycare parents" is responsible for arranging daycare parents.


The Welcome Center will be happy to help you gain an oversight of the service. We help parents who speak little or no German, for example, with filling out German-language forms, or provide them with an information sheet concerning the care voucher system. However, we cannot reserve or provide a care place for your child.