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Family reunification

Anyone wishing to bring their family to Switzerland must have a precise knowledge of the procedures. The requirements for a successful application for the immigration of the family vary according to the country of origin (i.e. EU/EFTA state or third country) or the current residence permit. 

Detailed information is available from both the embassies in the countries of origin (e.g. for people from non-member states) and from the migration services.

In general, you should bear in mind the fact that the authorities check whether you are gainfully employed and how much you earn (e.g. if it is sufficient to feed a family) or whether you have appropriate accommodation for a family.

Twice a year the integration competence center of the city of Bern organizes an information event on the theme of "family reunification". The event will be held in German but if needed one can ask the office for help with finding a translator. Contact for more information: