Advisory Services For research projects


Grants Office services, research projects

The Innovation Office currently offers support for proposals with and without implementation partners as well as for Flagship Initiative applications.

Note: Unitectra handles the processing of the subsidy contract and the intellectual property and usage rights agreement as well as any contract amendments.

We advise you with regard to:

Amendments to project plan or budget

So that you can efficiently request an amendment to the project plan or budget, we:

  • give a qualified opinion on the feasibility of an amendment
  • explain the consequences of an amendment
  • contact the funding agency, if desired and necessary


To ensure that the audit runs smoothly, with minimal effort for you, we:

  • coordinate any on-site audits
  • answer the questions of the funding agency or audit company
  • prepare the University of Bern's comment on the audit report

General questions

So that you can efficiently find an answer to any questions that arise during the project, we:

  • look for creative and suitable solutions for your specific case
  • advise you on possible steps and their consequences
  • establish contact to the funding agency, where desired and necessary
  • find the right contact person for your request, if the Innovation Office is not the right place