Advisory Services For research projects

European Framework Programmes

Grants Office services, grant preparation, research projects

The Grants Office provides support for all funding schemes of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, the European Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation.

We advise you with regard to:

Signatures & contracts

So that contractually you are correctly set up and protected, we:

  • check the terms of the contract together with Unitectra
  • negotiate with any contractual partners
  • obtain all necessary signatures
  • draw up or check the Consortium Agreement for collaborative projects


So that you are optimally prepared for the tasks involved in the grant preparation phase and during the project, we:

  • explain to you the next steps
  • advise you on how to meet the necessary requirements in terms of ethics, data protection and budget
  • find the right contact person for your specific questions
  • clarify any issues with the central services of the University of Bern on your behalf

Project setup & finance rules

So that you can carry out your project in accordance with the rules, we:

  • explain the most important rules of the funding agency and the corresponding directives of the University of Bern in a project briefing
  • inform you about setting up third-party accounts and provide you with the relevant bank details
  • inform the relevant offices at the University of Bern about your project

Reporting & payments

To ensure that you submit the necessary reports in full and receive the associated payment promptly and without reduction, we:

  • support you in preparing financial reports
  • read and comment on your report drafts
  • identify potential risk factors
  • ensure that the necessary information is included at an appropriate level of detail and that the report appears credible
  • liaise with the funding agency and/or other project partners as requested or required
  • organize training and networking opportunities for you


To ensure that an amendment is successfully concluded at a time that is strategically appropriate, we:

  • check the feasibility of an amendment
  • explain the consequences of an amendment, in order to protect your interests
  • explain the amendment procedure and initiate the process
  • contact the funding agency and/or the other project partners
  • obtain the necessary signatures
  • ensure that the necessary information is submitted to the funding agency or the project coordinator


To ensure that the audit runs smoothly, with minimal effort for you, we:

  • organize external audit certificates and coordinate any on-site audits
  • collect the necessary reports and prepare the audit documents
  • check the requested documents for correctness and completeness before submission
  • obtain the necessary signatures
  • answer the questions of the funding agency or audit company
  • prepare the University of Bern's comments on the audit report

General questions

So that you can efficiently find an answer to any questions that arise during the project, we:

  • look for creative and suitable solutions for your specific case
  • advise you on possible steps and their consequences
  • establish contact to the funding agency, where desired and necessary
  • find the right contact person for your request, if the Innovation Office is not the right place