Ecological Transformations in Eastern Europe

Titleimage: Ökologische Transformationen

Eastern Europe in global environmental change

In the far north, the permafrost is thawing, in the Central Asian steppes, the water is becoming scarcer. Climate change is also changing the region of Eastern Europe with its great diversity of landscapes and uses. It is one amongst many forces shaping the ecological situation here: from the legacy of Soviet nuclear programs to the transnational political and economic interdependencies of the present and future-oriented geopolitical strategies.
The Institute of Geography and the Swiss Library of Eastern Europe at the University of Bern are organizing a lecture series in the fall semester 2020 that will explore the manifold ecological transformations within forests, the Arctic or cyberspace. Which specific ecological challenges are individual Eastern European regions facing? How do political, economic and civil society actors deal with them? Which approaches and projects at local, national and international levels can help to mitigate them?
All information on the individual lectures and options for participation can be found under Events. Livestream and podcasts are available under Videos.

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