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... we used to meet once a week, for two hours, one hour for Arabic and another for German. At the beginning we started to study grammar and read from books, but then we realised that it is better to practice speaking as much as possible, and now we we just speak every time we meet. Now we are more like friends than tandem partners.    Mohamad, Dept. of Clinical Research

Da im Tandem die Schwerpunkte spezifisch gelegt werden können, hat es mir sehr geholfen, mein Französisch wieder aufzupeppeln! Wir haben uns einmal wöchentlich für ca. eine Stunde getroffen und je eine halbe Stunde auf französisch und eine halbe Stunde auf deutsch über aktuelle Themen gesprochen. Ich habe neben dem Tandem aber auch oft französische Zeitungen gelesen, oder News geschaut und so happenweise etwas französisch im Alltag integriert. Das Tandem ist wirklich ein tolles Angebot - hängt aber sehr stark davon ab, wie man sich mit dem/der TandempartnerIn versteht.    Angela, Educational Science

I managed to improve my French by meeting my partner once a week for one hour.

I met my tandem every week for almost 1 year. I'm a PhD student, so I don't meet that many students (only people from my lab) and I'm (too) often speaking English. So for me Tandem was a good experience to speak German, to find out places in Bern that I didn't know, and to meet people.    Jennifer



The tandem partner and I are getting very well along with each other! We have so much in common and you know what? We are neighbours! What a coincidence!    Yi

Learn a lot from each other - not just language.

El tandem está siendo una experiencia muy interesante. No sólo por aprender alemán con una persona nativa, sino por toda la riqueza cultural que este intercambio favorece. Fue muy fácil encontrar temas que nos interesaran a las dos y resultó ser que al final teníamos muchas cosas en común. Hemos intentado diversas estrategias para aprender, desde temas libres hasta leer un libro en las dos lenguas. Intentamos quedar una vez por semana, aunque muchas veces hemos quedado más bien una vez al mes. En cualquier caso como las dos estamos igual de interesadas en seguir aprendiendo es fácil retomar el contacto y volver a empezar. Abella, April 2015

We met once a week for around a year. It took us a while to get started and find a rhythm that suited us both. After 4 or 5 sessions my partner decided she would prefer to concentrate on general conversation, and I decided that I would place my focus on using actual texts from my course books. I found her help invaluable. I learnt so much more than I would have by just attending a course each week. Our goals were the same but we went about achieving them in different ways - and it didn't matter. We certainly managed to have some lively discussions! Martina