Business and private trips abroad

People arriving in Switzerland who have been in a state or area with an increased risk of infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 according to the FOPH recommendations for travelers at any time within 10 days prior to their arrival are obliged to go directly to their home or other suitable accommodation immediately after they arrive. They must remain there permanently for 10 days after entry (quarantine).

For employees the following also applies:

Employees arriving from risk countries are excluded from working in UniBE properties for 10 days.

Before travelling to countries at risk, the return and commencement of work activities must be arranged with superiors.

Return travelers from risk countries are not entitled to paid short holidays if the basic assignment cannot be fulfilled by working from home.

It is recommended that you restrict travel abroad and avoid travel to risk countries.

Further information can be found at State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).

FAQ (corresponding with BE-Info-Flash)

Despite a travel warning from the federal government, I spend my holidays in a risk area. What consequences can this have after returning home?

Since 6 July 2020, people entering countries designated as risk areas by the Confederation must spend 10 days in quarantine upon their return. The list of countries will be continuously updated. Anyone who travels to these countries in spite of travel warnings is not entitled to payment of their salary during the quarantine period if the work cannot be carried out from home. The lost working time must be compensated through balances of annual working time, holiday time, long-term account, or with unpaid leave. If the employee becomes sick, the cantonal personnel office may, at the request of the appointing authority, reduce an employee's salary or stop it completely due to gross negligence.

Under what circumstances is the salary also paid in quarantine?

If it was not known at the time of departure that the country travelled to was on the list of areas with increased risk of infection, the first thing to be checked is whether working from home is possible during the quarantine period. If this is not possible, this time can be booked as planned working time. If the employee becomes ill, they are entitled to continued salary payment as for any other illness.

I have not spent my holidays in a risk area, have no symptoms of illness and voluntarily go into quarantine. Am I still entitled to sick pay?

No. The lost working time must be compensated through balances of annual working time, holiday time, long-term account, or with unpaid leave.

Can the employer require me to undergo a COVID-19 test when I return from a risk area?

No. If the Confederation orders quarantine for returnees from certain countries, a COVID-19 test would be excessive. However, in this situation it is permissible to measure the person's temperature. If illness is suspected, the employer can send employees home.