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Psychology and Psychiatry

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PsycINFO One of the largest international collections of literary references in the social sciences from more than 100 countries

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PSYNDEXplus lit.& AV References with abstracts to the full range of psychological literature (with audiovisual media) from German-speaking countries

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PSYNDEXplus Tests Contains descriptions of psychological and pedagogical test procedures used in German-speaking countries

Psychology and Psychiatry

Consultation hours for literature research

Are you planning to write a term paper, bachelor's or master's thesis?

Our Psychology and Psychiatry consultants would be pleased to assist you in making full use of the resources of the University Library Bern:

  • Assistance in researching your topic
  • Using specialist databases
  • Help with search strategies


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Münstergasse Library

  • Basic and study literature for all areas of psychology
  • Academic literature for all areas of psychology
  • Basic literature on psychiatry and reference works
  • History of Psychiatry

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Rorschach Archives and Collection

  • Publications on the Rorschach test and related methods
  • Archival material of Rorschach, his students and followers

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Basisbibliothek Unitobler BTO

  • Basic works, current literature in the subject areas for students of psychology
  • Special literature accompanying the courses of the Institute of Psychology

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vonRoll Library BvR

  • Standard works of specialist psychology literature
  • Basic and specialist study literature for all areas of psychology
  • Current, subject-specific journals

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