RÖMPP Online Information on chemistry (mainly food chemistry and natural substances), biology, genetics and the environment

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Annually updated tables with substance properties and mathematical and physical formulas

SciFinder Bibliographical data on >10,000 journals, information on substances and patented information

Reaxys Comprises CrossFire Beilstein, Gmelin and PCD. Searches with alerts, also by substance and reaction

Münstergasse Library

  • Textbooks, practical manuals, reference works on the main subject areas:
  • General and inorganic chemistry
  • Analytical, physical and quantum chemistry
  • Organic chemistry and biochemistry
  • Food chemistry, environmental chemistry

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Bühlplatz Library FBB

  • Chemistry textbooks for students of medicine
  • Collection focus biochemistry
  • Reference works

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Library of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Textbooks on all types of chemistry, including methodological works
  • Specialist journals
  • Special field crystallography

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