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Read e-books

Our licensed e-books are available to all users within the university network.

Members of the university with a Campus Account can access the licensed online media of the University Library worldwide. Any Internet access via Virtual Private Network (VPN) oder SWITCHaai is suitable for this purpose.

The following applies to everybody else: Only freely available online media can be consulted from outside the university.

Possible uses

Usually, you may download and print out e-books either in part (e.g. by chapter) or in its entirety. Depending on the licensing conditions of the supplier, there are, however, some restrictions in terms of use. For example there can be restrictions in the number of pages that can be downloaded or printed out, or use is limited to the device with which the file was downloaded.

Use on mobile devices is theoretically possible but, depending on the technology used by the supplier to display the content, there may be restrictions or incompatibilities with individual devices.