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The Theater Studies Library is the library of the Institute of Theater Studies and a sub-library of the University Library Bern. Its collections are primarily intended for members of the university, students and other specialists.

The creation of the Theater Studies Library started in 1992. It supplements and extends the collection profiles of the Swiss Theater Collection (STS). The core is formed by theater studies publications comprising monographs/periodicals from the fields of theater history, dramatic theory, dramaturgy, performance analysis and dance studies. Because developments in theater history can often only be understood in their cultural context, the cultural history of Switzerland and Europe forms another focal priority. The library regulations and classification can be found in Room 201.


  • A photocopier can be found in the Institute of Musicology on the first floor. Copy cards for CHF 10 (88 copies) can be purchased from the secretariat.
  • Workstations and printing facilities are available for students.


The Theater Studies Library is an open access library and with the exception of a few shelfmark groups books can be borrowed subject to the following conditions:


Borrowing slips and dummies can be obtained from the secretariat. For each borrowed book a borrowing slip (with carbon copy) must be completed legibly and in full. The white original is placed in a dummy at the location of the book and the two carbon copies (red/green) are submitted to the secretariat. Encyclopedias, reference works, journals, new publications, 'P' shelfmarks and materials and books from the course reserve collection are excluded from borrowing. These books can be identified by a red dot.

Return procedure:

The customer must return the book to its correct place on the shelf following expiry of the borrowing period. The dummy together with the white original of the borrowing slip must be submitted to the secretariat – this is the only way of guaranteeing that the book has been returned to the collection. The customer bears liability in the event of loss of the book and must provide appropriate financial compensation.
Items can be borrowed for a period of four weeks. In special cases (master's dissertations) the borrowing period can be extended in consultation with the persons responsible. Staff of the institute reserve the right to recall books before the expiry of four weeks. If the book is not returned within a week following the first free recall, a reminder fee of CHF 5 per week and item borrowed is charged.


The latest editions are available for viewing on the magazine rack in Room 201. Older editions can be viewed at the institute; the individual copies can be obtained via the secretariat.

Internal usage:

Brochures and BA/MA dissertations and licentiate dissertations (shelfmarks BRO, ITW and P) may be viewed but not taken out of the library. Borrowing is only permitted in exceptional cases.

New purchases:

Suggestions for new purchases with as many bibliographical details as possible (author, editor, title, publisher, place of publication, ISBN, price) may be submitted to the secretariat.