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Prehistoric Archaeology (Prehistory and Early History) and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces

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The Prehistory and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces Library is a sub-library of the University Library Bern (UB). It comprises the two departments Prehistory and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces of the Institute of Archaeological Sciences. It is open to the public and is primarily used by members of the university, students and other specialists.

The Library of Prehistoric Archeology (Prehistory and Early History) and Archeology of the Roman Provinces, in which the Bern Historical Museum and the Archaeological Service of the Canton of Bern are also involved, comprises around 50,000 volumes.

The collection priorities are the prehistory of Europe (Stone Age also Southern Italy, Greece, Asia, Africa), the archaeology of the Roman provinces in Europe and North West Africa; Swiss medieval archaeology, experimental archaeology and museum studies; environmental archaeology, archaeobotony and archaeozoology.

The library grows by around 1,000 new acquisitions each year. 350 current journals, 580 completed journals and a smaller collection of non-books (CDs, DVDs, microfiches etc.) supplement the collection. The library also has a separate closed-off collection of rare items housed at Bern Historical Museum.

The media are ordered by subject group in the open access area. You can search for documents from the collection via swissbib Basel Bern. We are also happy to accept your purchase proposals by e-mail to


  • Study places: 17 workplaces, five of which are equipped with Macs. These are intended primarily for students of Prehistory and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces. Their period of use may be restricted in the event of heavy demand. --> Waiting list.
  • One search point
  • Wireless LAN


Our specialist academic library is open to the public. New customers are requested to register in advance by telephone.

The following may be borrowed:

  • Almost all books (self-lending with dummies, borrowing period of one month)
  • Non-books (CDs, DVDs etc.)

The following may not be borrowed:

  • Journals (may be viewed on site)
  • Literature from course reserve/reference collections
  • Dictionaries and reference works
  • Old and/or valuable publications
  • Rare items in the collection of the Historical Collection

Books can be returned at any time.

Interlibrary loans can be ordered by e-mail or in writing.

Please note: Online orders via the swissbib Basel Bern catalog are not possible. It is also not possible to see in swissbib Basel Bern whether a document is on loan.

Introductory sessions

At the start of the semester following arrangement of dates, duration approx. 30 minutes.

Further introductory sessions are offered as part of courses and on request.

Training sessions in subject-specific research are offered by the subject librarian Regula Schatzmann.