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Support possibilities

The University of Bern invites philanthropic individuals, foundations and companies to partner with the University in order to promote excellence and participate in its work. Philanthropic support can be given to strategic areas selected by the University primarily via donations/gifts, endowed professorships, setting up funds and leaving bequests.

The University is particularly grateful for support given to talented young academics, prizes and special projects.

Endowed professorships have been set up at the University of Bern for many years. These endowed teaching posts are privately financed, building on the publicly-financed basic structure and enabling more in-depth research into a special field of knowledge within the University's strategy. The freedom of research and teaching is fully guaranteed and contractually fixed. There are currently around a dozen endowed professorships.

We can advise you in person upon request and put you in touch with the appropriate academics.

A bequest or legacy is the last will of a testator in favor of one or more beneficiaries set out in a testament. The University of Bern welcomes bequests. You require a written testament for the realization of personal wishes exceeding the scope of hereditary succession. If you wish to include the University in your testament, we recommend a broad earmarking so that your last will can actually be implemented. For example, it is better to specify a broad promotion of young talent rather than restricting funding to a given course of study. We would be happy to advise you in confidentiality and put you in touch with the right contact.

University of Bern donations account

Berner Kantonalbank AG
CH-3001 Bern
IBAN: CH66 0079 0020 9404 2559 3
Please state the intended use.

Donations to the University are tax-deductible.

Partnership for Research

The UniBern research foundation was founded in 1928 and promotes scientific research. The foundation is affiliated to the University of Bern. The Vice-Rector for Research is a member of the board of trustees, and professors are engaged as experts. The Foundation accepts donations: IBAN CH81 0079 0042 3304 3532 2 BIC/SWIFT KBBECH22XXX [Clearing 790]