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The University of Bern invests in interdisciplinary, problem-based research and offers room for innovation to those who are pioneers in their fields of research. It offers its students a high standard of tertiary education, invests in the next generation and in talented young people, and opens its doors at special events and promotions, thus fulfilling its social obligation.

Supporting the University of Bern is a worthwhile investment for patrons, companies and partners. They strengthen their home canton of Bern and Central Switzerland as an economic region. Roughly speaking, each franc that the University invests benefits economic output five times over. The resources from patrons, companies and foundations build on public-sector financial support and boost the University of Bern in selected fields in international competition.

  1. Investment in basic research helps society and the economy to face the challenges ahead. Supporting researchers and their research makes unexpected discoveries possible in all manner of different fields of knowledge.
  2. Promoting early career researchers in a targeted way and supporting projects run by ambitious researchers provides a boost to the scientific center and generates the knowledge it needs, both of which are prerequisites for innovation and economic prosperity. Current pressing issues and new social challenges require basic scientific research and well-founded solutions.
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  3. Well-educated and talented students and graduates enrich Switzerland's job market.
  4. Special service providers help to draw economic benefit from research findings and to negotiate research cooperations.