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Key areas 2015

Quality assurance and development (QAD) involves checking and developing the quality of processes and results. This is done using criteria. Every year, the university defines key areas for its QAD activities. For 2015, these are communications, evaluating study programs and assess performances, and the completeness of control cycles and thus a focus on results.

Quality assurance and development (QAD) allows the university to reflect on its performance and to systematically improve and develop it. It therefore helps to raise the university's profile and increase its competitiveness. Areas that fall under QAD include teaching, research, continuing education and services, governance and management, staff and resources, and communications. All members of the university are involved.

The university is continually updating its QAD system and promotes a culture of quality in its faculties, competence centers and central administration. While doing so, it takes into account the discussion on quality assurance at an international level and observing national and cantonal laws.

The QAD strategy and concept form the basis of the five points in the quality cycle and its systematic processes. This enables the university to confirm that the targets set for itself, its faculties and competence centers are the right ones and that high levels of quality are being achieved in all its services. Objectives are developed further with the aid of the QAD processes.

The Executive Board of the University of Bern and the faculties use QAD to generate systematic feedback used for governance processes and to realize their quality objectives. QAD is put into practice in an appropriate manner, and addresses problems and needs. It is associated with planning, development, and governance. All faculties have developed their own QAD concepts based on the overarching QAD philosophy for the entire university, allowing them to meet the needs and requirements specific to their discipline. They define key areas for their activities every year. Within the quality cycle, monitoring and reporting activities are carried out by members of the university's QAD organization.


Quality targets at the University of Bern