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Executive Board and Central Administration

International Relations Office

Researchers and lecturers of the University of Bern are part of a worldwide network and the university actively promotes the internationalization of teaching. International collaboration takes many forms: from sporadic contact to more formal collaboration and the establishment of agreements.

Our services

The International Relations office supports members of the University of Bern in developing new international teaching collaboration projects and we advise lecturers on how to conclude new agreements. Please refer to the International Office for Erasmus agreements.

Interested parties may read in International Networking which institutions the University of Bern has teaching cooperation agreements with. We coordinate these agreements and we foster international contacts.

If you want to position your study programs internationally we are here to help you and to support you in the development of your international strategy.

We represent the University of Bern at international education conferences and in contact with partner universities.
We attend to visitors and delegations from abroad that wish to visit the University of Bern.

Presentation slides, leaflets, film

Do you need to present the University of Bern to new audiences and are looking for materials to help you? Here is a selection of communication supports, such as general presentations, leaflets and a film, which could prove useful. Read more on uniintern.