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Executive Board and Central Administration

International Office

Our top priority is exchange and the mobility of students and staff.

The University of Bern has numerous exchange contracts with partners in Europe and all over the world that make it possible for students from the University of Bern to gain experience at a foreign university for one or two semesters. Interested students obtain information from us on possible destinations, how to register and how to prepare for an experience abroad. We provide exchange students from our partner universities with information on academic life at the university and everyday life in Bern. Once the students arrive, we invite them to take part in orientation and integration events. We are also more than happy to advise regular students who come to Bern to study for a master's degree or doctorate on life in the town and at the university. New employees in teaching, research and administration who have questions about everyday life should contact our Welcome Center.

Exchange and mobility - outgoing students

You want to add to your major study program at the University of Bern by attending courses at other Swiss universities or would like to study at a partner university abroad for one or two semesters? Please contact our International Office for more advice and information.
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Incoming students

Exchange and mobility

The International Office is the first port of call for exchange students from partner universities. We will be happy to provide you with information on studying and living in Bern. The International Office organizes an introductory week and offers a social and cultural program for newly arrived students.
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Life in Bern: Everyday life for exchange and regular students 

How can I find somewhere to stay in Bern? How high is the cost of living? How do  I get from A to B? Where can I learn German?
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Exchange and mobility - lecturers and staff

Would you like to take part in a lecture or staff exchange at one of our European partner universities? Or would you like to invite a specialist colleague to Bern? Please contact our International Office for information on financing.
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Just starting a new position at the University of Bern?

Are you just starting to do research or a doctorate at the University of Bern? The Welcome Center will provide you with lots of help for preparing your trip and entry into Switzerland as well as information on the town and university.
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The University of Bern and the University of Technology Sydney are currently engaged in MILSA, a project that aims to develop a mentoring program for intercultural learning through study abroad. Specifically, students will be accompanied before, during and after their stay abroad in the framework of a mentoring program that will help them improve their intercultural communication skills. This in turn will influence their critical and analytical take on the new social, cultural and academic environment and allow them to think critically not only about their experience in the host country but also back home. 

Students of the University of Bern who are planning to go abroad in the autumn term of 2018 and would like to take part in the program please write to

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