Employer University as an employer

Work/Life Balance

Being open, feeling at ease

The University of Bern promotes an open communication culture for dedicated, loyal employees. We are a social employer. You can rely on us even in difficult situations – with changes at the workplace as well as personal challenges.

We actively promote:

  • A good working climate with working relationships based on partnership, characterized by mutual respect, with attractive conditions and fair salaries.
  • Health with good ergonomic conditions at the workplace. And with our extensive Unisport range offering more than 150 different activities.
  • The reconcilability of job and private life with flexible working models and part-time positions, teleworking, maternity and paternity leave as well as a childcare service.
  • Equal opportunities for men and women in every respect. We also strive to have an appropriate proportion of both genders at all levels.
  • The professional and personal further development of the employees. We support great commitment and dedication and encourage employees in their professional development.