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Car Sharing

A subscription to Mobility opens the doors to 2,650 vehicles at 1,395 stations throughout Switzerland. Around the clock and self-service. Mobility has vehicles ranging from two-seaters to transporters. Thanks to the partnership of the University of Bern and Mobility Carsharing, students and employees can take advantage of the following special conditions:

Free trial subscription for 4 months CHF 0.00
(instead of CHF 70.00)
Annual subscription
CHF 70.00
(instead of CHF 129.00) 

An annual subscription is only possible after a mandatory trial subscription

Hourly and kilometer rates: Standard rate

Terms and conditions

  • This offer is available to all members of the University of Bern who have a category B driver's license valid in Switzerland.
  • You must also be in possession of a valid student or employee card.
  • You must apply for a free Mobility trial subscription before you can apply for an annual subscription.
  • You can only have one trial subscription.
  • The free Mobility trial subscription remains valid until the expiry date even if you have left the University of Bern in the meantime. It is, however, absolutely necessary for you to be a member of the University of Bern when you apply for the Mobility trial subscription.
  • Once the four months of the free Mobility trial subscription (without any obligations) have expired, you can change to a Mobility annual subscription for the special price of CHF 70 (instead of CHF 290). This change does not take place automatically. This is why Mobility will send you a renewal form around two months before your trial subscription ends.