Tools and Work Aids Overview


Several of the lecture halls at the University of Bern are equipped with podcast infrastructure. This infrastructure and the SWITCHcast software make it easy to record, process and publish lectures, conference talks and other events. The words spoken and the presentation are recorded as standard, but not the person speaking. The recording is automatically converted into various formats for streaming (Flash), desktop and mobile (mp4). These files can be uploaded to a website or provided to students via an ILIAS course.

In order to record a lecture, the auditorium must be equipped with the necessary infrastructure. If you would like to record your lecture during the next semester, you should already be thinking about booking a room in CTS and filing a relevant request. Alternatively, some form of mobile podcast equipment can also be borrowed for the purpose of recording one-off podcasts.

In three steps to your recording

  • Before the course, open a podcast channel in ILIAS – the so-called SWITCHcast channel. This channel is where recordings are uploaded.
  • Start the recording in the auditorium itself. The podcasting infrastructure can be found in the media tower.
  • A few hours after the course, the recording will be ready for you to perform any subsequent editing. You can cut it, supplement it with further informations, give names to sections or even choose a title image. The recording is only published once this subsequent editing is complete.

Detailed instructions on the individual steps can be found here: Podcasting via ILIAS (instructions as a pdf)


The fees for the use of the SWITCHcast service are currently paid by the university. The university reserves the right to invoice the costs to the institutions after giving prior notice.

Please note the Betriebskonzept Podcasting (german language) of the podcasting service in this regard.

You can find proper equipped rooms with allready installed podcast infrastructure at following locations. All rooms are missing a camera (exception: Room 001, VonRoll building). A video camera for taping the lecturer can be reserved via the equipment hire.

Equipped rooms with installed podcast infrastructure.


Expansion of equipped rooms

If there isn‘t a room well equipped near you, please inform the didactical support (, 031 631 30 23). The infrastructure is broadened continuously. 

Main building (Hochschulstr. 4) 001110 (Audimax)201120, 210 (Aula)220
Von Roll area (Fabrikstr. 6 / 8) 001, 003, 004, 102, B101, B102
UniS (Schanzeneckstr. 1) A003A -122B -102
Unitobler (Lerchenweg 36) F 021
ExWi (Sidlerstr. 5) Hörsaal A006
Chemistry (Freiestr. 3) U113
Geography (Hallerstr. 12) 001
Bühlplatz area (Baltzerstr. 1) 248 (Haller-Auditorium)
Engehalde area (Engehaldenstr. 8) 001
Vetsuisse Faculty (Länggassstr. 122 / Bremgartenstr. 109) 303 (Lg 122), NLG 001 (Lg 124c), 020 (Bg 109)

In addition to equipped rooms, the IT Services Office provides a range of material which can be borrowed. The equipment is primarily intended for mobile podcasts. It can be borrowed free of charge, although not for a long period of time.

We provide two sets of mobile equipment. The equipment contains all the hardware and software required to record podcasts or screencasts using the SWITCHcast software in a room already fitted with a microphone. If the room does not have a microphone, you can also borrow a microphone from us.

Additionally, the IT Services Offices offers various material (e.g. camera, microphone, wires and cables etc.). This material can be borrowed for a limited time. A full list can be found here.

For consultation and borrowing please inform yourself at the technical support center (, 031 631 31 91).