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Managing accounts and study profile

When studying it‘s extremely important to keep your personal data and your study profile updated. For most logins regarding tools and systems you use your campus account. Depending on the system you can complete your information within your personal profile.

Your own study profile

At any time, you can:

  •  register a change of address
  •  Download a certificate of registration on condition you have paid the fees
  •  Download your study history
  •  Print out a confirmation of payment

From mid-May to the end of August for the fall semester and from mid-December to the end of January for the spring semester, you can

  • Confirm your registration for the next semester, take leave of absence or have yourself removed from the student registry
  • Apply for a change of study program

You can register for the BeNeFri program: 

  • for fall semester until September, 30
  • for spring semester until February, 28 


Login with your students campus account data

The University of Bern user account

The campus account is the electronic account providing all students and staff at the University of Bern with standard access to an increasing number of applications.

The campus account can be used to register for all campus-account-capable applications by means of a single user name and password.

The user account in ILIAS

Use your campus account to log in to ILIAS. Your surname, first name and e-mail address will be incorporated directly into the ILIAS profile from the campus account. If you wish to change your name or e-mail address, you must contact the campus account administrator directly to request a modification: Modifications on Campus Account

Publishing your own ILIAS profile

You can enhance your ILIAS profile with additional contact details. You can add details via “Personal desktop » Personal details and profile”. If the members' gallery is displayed in an ILIAS course and you have approved your ILIAS profile, your course members or lecturers can see more details about you.

In addition to a short business card, the ILIAS profile can also be used to develop a presentation portfolio that you can publish globally and consult via the URL name.


Instruction: install ILIAS presentation portfolio (pdf) (Document in German)



You will receive a personal ILIAS user name

To log in to ILIAS, always use your campus account data. After successfully logging in for the first time, a user account will be created for you in ILIAS via which you will receive a personal user name in ILIAS which is different from your campus account name.

You can find the ILIAS user name in your ILIAS profile. Within ILIAS, your ILIAS user name is central and appropriate for clear identification (e.g. for admission to an ILIAS course).