Organizational Matters Renewal of Semester Registration

Procedure and ‌Timing

Procedure and timing: students

You want to attend courses and take exams in the coming semester? Then you have to be registered. With the electronic re-registration form, you can renew your registration for the next semester and at the same time check your data and, if necessary, correct it. If you are coming toward the end of your course and are not sure whether you have to register for the next semester or not, contact the relevant faculty to find out when, at the latest, you have to register for the degree.

You are concluding your studies this semester and want to be removed from the student registry? Or are you interrupting your studies for one or more semesters? Then use the self-service facility.

Extracurricular minor with bachelor- (> 180 ECTS) or master's degree program (> 90 or 120 ECTS)

Apart from in the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine, you can take one additional minor with all degree programs. Additional attainments will be listed separately on the diploma supplement by the faculties. Enter the desired additional minor on the re-registration form in self-service.

Minor at another Swiss university

To register for a minor at another Swiss university, you have to be registered for a major (main subject) at the University of Bern. After written confirmation from the relevant faculty at the University of Bern and clarification of the registration modalities at the student administration of the university at which you want to study the minor, enter "minor at the University of XY" on the re-registration form in self-service.

Changing from bachelor → master

The application for changing course - option "Changing from bachelor to master" - is not approved until the degree is confirmed by the study profile sheet (CTS). Until this time you remain registered in the bachelor's degree program and will receive a certificate of registration for the bachelor's degree program after you have paid the tuition and semester fees if your course is not yet finished. Early master events can be attended during a semester (exceptions: students in the Faculty of Medicine). If you want to study a non-consecutive master's program, we require an assessment from the relevant Dean's Office.

Change master → doctorate

You are changing from a master's degree program to a doctorate? The change can be registered as part of the renewal of your semester registration in self-service. The same dates/deadlines apply: August 31 for the fall semester and January 31 for the spring semester. If you want to start a PhD in the coming semester, choose the option "Change of level to doctorate" and submit the registration form with or without any further changes. Then submit your confirmation of supervision as quickly as possible, and certainly by October 15 for the fall semester or March 31 for the spring semester.

We will then change your registration to a doctorate and invoice you CHF 200 for the semester fees for doctoral students.


Change master → continuing studies

If you want to embark on a continuing course of study next semester (lawyer, notary public, priest/pastor), submit your re-registration form by August 31 for the fall semester or January 31 for the spring semester with or without any further changes and send your desired degree change by e-mail to the Admissions Office.