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English courses for doctoral students

We offer a range of English courses for University of Bern students at doctoral level. All courses are free of charge. Details about how to register are available at the bottom of this web page. The courses are not open to students studying at other universities or educational institutions in Switzerland, including BENEFRI students or students from the BFH.  Registration for our general course program opens on 11 January 2018.

Preparing Papers for Publication

Preparing Papers for Publication, a workshop for doctoral students who are preparing a paper or manuscript for publication, will be held on Wednesday 9 January, Thursday 10 January and Friday 11 January 2018. There is no placement test for this course, but students are reminded that they must submit an abstract or summary of their paper to the lecturer after registration and before the course begins. Doctoral students can register directly in KSL/CTS for the workshop. Registration for the course opens on Thursday 7 December and closes on 7 January 2018. Full details are available at the bottom of this web page.

Scientific and academic writing courses for doctoral students are held regularly at upper-intermediate and advanced levels. These writing courses incorporate a range of approaches, including the analysis of sample authentic texts specific to participants' disciplines. Course participants are expected to submit regular writing assignments and will receive individual guidance and feedback on revising their texts, some of which may later be incorporated into doctoral theses or articles submitted for publication. Our course program can be found at the bottom of this web page.

Students must register before they can attend a course as the number of places is limited. A list of available courses can be found at the bottom of this web page or in the core teaching system (KSL/CTS) course catalog (type Academic English Services in the Simple Search box). Although our courses are listed in the catalog, it is not possible to register using the system. To register, new students must first submit a placement test and wait for an answer before they can attend. The one exception to this rule is Preparing Papers for Publication.

The placement test is only available during the registration period. Registration opens on 11 January. The test will be available under this link How to register for a course.

Course levels (B1, B2, C1).  What does this mean?

If you are not familiar with the European Framework of Reference for Languages and the terms B1, B2, C1 used to describe the levels at which our courses are given, please refer to the Council of Europe self-assessment grid for an explanation. Although levels A1 and A2 are described in the grid, we do not offer any courses for students at these levels. 

Your commitment

If you register for a course, you agree to attend regularly (80% of the course) and sit the final examination or participate in any evaluation. Please bear in mind that you will be expected to complete homework assignments each week and participate in an examination or course evaluation to obtain the ECTS credits.


Preparing Papers for Publication


Preparing Papers for Publication (KSL/CTS 441591-FS2018-0) (9 January, 10 January, 11 January 2018)

This workshop will take place on 9, 10, and 11 January 2018. Direct registration in KSL/CTS is possible. The workshop is designed for doctoral students who are preparing a paper for publication. This course aims to help them get a paper ready for publication in a journal in the near future. Three half-day workshops will assist those who attend to carefully review their work so far, assess what remains to be done, edit and revise drafts, and ensure that the manuscript meets the requirements of their target journal. It is a condition of entry to this course that you have a paper or other manuscript in preparation. Please submit a summary or abstract (c. 250 words) to the lecturer after you register for the course.

Direct registration is possible in KSL/CTS. There is no placement test for this course.