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Graduate schools offer structured, attractive education programs and provide excellent conditions for a successful doctorate through targeted measures and intensive support. These tend to be organized on an interdisciplinary and sometimes an interuniversity basis and offer doctoral students excellent opportunities for networking with other doctoral students and other researchers and specialists within Switzerland and abroad. Graduate schools are organized along subject lines and reflect the key areas within the University of Bern. In most cases, the programs are run in accordance with the principle of the ECT system and also comprise non-subject-specific qualification options in addition to subject-specific (disciplinary and interdisciplinary) and methodology-related courses.


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Graduate School of Economic Globalisation and Integration: Course on Treaty Interpretation for PhD Students


Course on Treaty Interpretation for PhD Students (from 4-8 December 2017)

This interactive course offers a detailed understanding of the historical development of the rules of treaty interpretation codified in the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, and an in-depth analysis of those rules. It also covers the use of principles of treaty interpretation not expressly codified in the Vienna Convention. This course is aimed at understanding the different functions of treaty interpretation, and how treaty interpretation is a task of international courts and tribunals which is shaped by the institutional, political and historical context of those institutions. The course also seeks to identify the limits of rules of treaty interpretation and situate them within a broader conception of the process and character of judicial reasoning and justification.