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Basic information on doctoral degrees

Are you interested in doing some independent research work and would like to start a doctorate at the University of Bern?

As a university with eight faculties offering a full range of courses and an institution with a real emphasis on research, the University of Bern offers early career researchers attractive structures for a promising doctorate.

You can either take the doctorate within a graduate school or as part of a doctoral degree program, or you can even take a traditional individual doctorate. Graduate schools and doctoral degree programs are arranged on an interdisciplinary and/or interuniversity basis in many cases. In addition to research-related training and intensive support, these also offer excellent opportunities for networking within the academic community.

Information & overview on doctoral programs for download (PDF, 172KB)

Transferable Skills Program


New Transferable Skills Program for PhD candidates and Postdocs at the University of Bern

As well as earning an academic qualification, i.e. the thesis, the goal of a PhD education at the University of Bern is to acquire transferable skills so as to prepare PhD candidates for a demanding position within or outside academia. The Transferable Skills Program is a project of the Vice-Rectorate Development within the scope of the “promotion of the academics of the future” of the university's “Strategy 2021”.

Flyer Key Skills (PDF, 496KB)

Graduate School of Economic Globalisation and Integration: Course on Treaty Interpretation for PhD Students


Course on Treaty Interpretation for PhD Students (from 4-8 December 2017)

This interactive course offers a detailed understanding of the historical development of the rules of treaty interpretation codified in the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, and an in-depth analysis of those rules. It also covers the use of principles of treaty interpretation not expressly codified in the Vienna Convention. This course is aimed at understanding the different functions of treaty interpretation, and how treaty interpretation is a task of international courts and tribunals which is shaped by the institutional, political and historical context of those institutions. The course also seeks to identify the limits of rules of treaty interpretation and situate them within a broader conception of the process and character of judicial reasoning and justification.

COMET – Coaching, Mentoring und Training


The New Career Programme for Female Postdocs at the University of Bern

COMET supports female postdocs in the individual planning of their scientific careers.

Fund for the Promotion of Young Researchers

In cooperation with the Intermediate Staff Association of the University of Bern (Mittelbauvereinigung), the Vice-Rectorate Research calls for proposals to the Fund for the Promotion of Young Researchers twice a year. The next submission deadline is Monday, 10 April 2017.

Garbald Talks


Garbald Gespräche zur Zukunft der Wissenschaft

18 - 21 October 2017, Villa Garbald. Panel for young researchers, language of discussion is german.