Sport Science: Major or Minor 60 ECTS Credits

The number of places in Sport Science is limited. This is why you have to apply earlier for the two study programs Sport Science major with 120 ECTS credit points and Sport Science minor with 60 ECTS credit points. In addition to the general admission requirements (sections 1 and 4), you must also fulfill the requirements as stipulated in Appendix 2 of the University Ordinance dated 09.12.2012.


Make sure you apply online by February 15 at the latest.

You must still fill out the application in entirety if you want to have your test results from the previous year transferred. Make a note in the field "Comments" on the last page of the online application "Test result from last year carried forward".

Die für die Prüfung Ihrer Zulassung verlangten Dokumente müssen ebenfalls bis zum erwähnten Datum bei der Abt. Zulassung, Immatrikulation und Beratung eintreffen.

It is not possible to apply after February 15.

Aptitude Test

If more applications are received than there are places available, applicants for the Bachelor of Science in Sport Science and for the minor in Sport Science with 60 ECTS will probably have to take an aptitude test. How the test is carried out will depend on exactly how many applications have been received. Those concerned will receive information directly from the Institute of Sport Science.

If you aren't awarded a place...

If you are not awarded a place after sitting an aptitude test, you can apply for another non-medical course at the University of Bern. Please note in this case that, depending on your previous education and proof thereof, you may also have to provide proof of having a place at a university for your desired branch of study from a state or state-recognized university in the country of origin of the qualification (not a distance-teaching university) that is not older than one year.