First steps in intercultural learning

Thursday, 2018/06/14, 09:30

Join us for a workshop on the inspiring and interesting topic of intercultural learning and study abroad. This workshop is developed especially for students and doctoral students who are preparing their stay abroad, and for international exchange students and doctoral students who are currently studying at the University of Bern.

Event organizer: Welcome Center and Mentoring progam MILSA
Speaker: Dr. Annie Cottier, Jasmin Fallahi
Date: 2018/06/14
Time: 09:30 - 15:00
Locality: 28/29
Main Building of the University
Hochschulstrasse 4
3012 Bern
Registration: Register here
Characteristics: not open to the public
free of charge

Who is invited? 

  • All MILSA particpants for their pre-departure session
  • all local students and doctoral students
  • all international students and doctoral students

The workshop is aimed at supporting you in developing your intercultural learning skills, and encourages you to be critical about your views on the culture and society of your host and your home country.

We will discuss your expectations for your study abroad, learn about complex terms such as culture and interculturality, and reflect on how you can best  prepare for coping with the new environment.

Participating in this workshop is also helpful for being part of an international students’ network at the University of Bern.

If you are a University of Bern student going abroad in the spring term 2018, you have the opportunity of joining the mentoring program MILSA. 

MILSA is a mentoring program that will support you in your intercultural learning process before, during and after your study.

MILSA will

  • Help you to facilitate your intercultural learning
  • Help you to voice expectations about your study abroad
  • Encourage you to reflect on your personal role and experiences and to develop cultural self-awareness in conversation with the mentor, with your peers and by writing blog contributions
  • Support you in your social and cultural negotiation with the host country
  • Help you to practice talking about the study abroad experience in view of your future professional life